Monday, October 30th

I have been teaching in Kentucky for a week. That part is not bad. I am stressed about not having my stuff, my room being a mess, and having to plan day by day. 

My movers are bringing my stuff tomorrow. They have changed the price yet again. It’s gone up a total of $500 since the original estimate. I am so fucking broke. I am going to have to start selling my shit on eBay immediately. I need to put that fridge and air conditioner on Craig’s List this evening. I don’t need any clothes here. No one cares what you wear and I have no where to go to wear nice clothes anyway. I am going to sell a bunch of my shoes and clothes. Probably sell my Chanel purse I got myself for my birthday last year. I need the money way more than I need the purse. It’s really just a matter of finding the time to list all of my stuff. I am hoping like hell I get a paycheck tomorrow from New York. I desperately need it. I know they owe me some money, but i don’t know if they will direct deposit it or send me a paper check or what. They turned off my email address so I can’t check the site to see. Ugh. I am in such a financial mess. 

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  1. God bless you, dear. I am praying that He will sort out your life and its problems and give you financial blessings. Soon!

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