Truth about teens given to you by a teen

So, I have no idea what I am doing but somehow I ended up here, with my laptop writing about my life. How did I end up here? why am I doing this? The truth is I have no fu***** idea. I’m just a teen who wanted to write a diary but I guess I was scared It would be found . So here goes…

For my first entry I want to talk to you about teenagers. They go through a lot of shit that no one knows about. Dear parents, stop comparing us to others because it makes us feel like absolute crap and its horrible! Stop telling us that were at the best years of our life. In our eyes that’s  just bullshit. Truth is , your son or daughter probably have a million secrets that they keep from you and they have most like been through a lot more than you could ever imagine ! The key to helping your child is to understand they will have secrets and they will want their privacy Whilst were talking about privacy, can I ask you? please respect ours? Our privacy is really important to us so just respect that. Parents, maybe you need to accept the fact your child may not be sharing everything with you  There could be a reason for that yet…. there may not be . 

For example, here’s a story , whether or not its true , I’m not willing to tell you yet . I guess you’ll have to wait . The story is I had a friend …. lets pretend his name is Danny… so me and Danny knew each other for a short while. We have only met once but that one time was absolutely amazing! So me and Danny started to develop strong feeling for each other. Weird right? Teenagers talking about this kind of stuff? anyways , moving on …. he asked me to be his girl and like any average teenage girl with a huge crush would, I said yes ! I mean of course I did ! He had a six pack and everything. Time passed and my best friend , lets call her …molly, came with me to meet Danny again and things got pretty serious pretty fast and we were really happy together. The bad thing was that Danny was 17 almost 18 and back then I was much younger than him and I was lying to my parents , infact I was lying to my whole family and majority of friends about him. I told everyone he was a friend and I didn’t like him any more than as a friend . 

The point is I never told anyone in my family about him, not ever my parents. Like, we broke up ages ago but we still talk , of course my parents have no idea that he even exists. 

Don’t go through your child’s phone or laptop because it makes them feel untrusted and as if you’ve stabbed them in the back even though you’re just concerned. Give them their space and privacy and I’m sure (I’m lying, they probably wont ) when they feel they can talk to you that they will tell you whatever they’re hiding. Some teens may not be hiding anything , some may be hiding the fact they ate 2 cookies instead of 1. some teens have much bigger , serious secrets . But that’s for another time .


We lie…… and hide things . Get over it! its what we do !! I’m sure one day we will you. But, probably not.


Peaceout bitches ,

                             love , – PhycoticBitch2.6

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  1. Heey bitches, it me, if anyone wants to reach out to me let me know in the comments and ill make an email address jut for you guys to contact me and ask me questions or for advice . ill do my best to help you .

    Peaceout Bitches,
    love, -PhycoticBitch2.6

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