I have about a half hour before……-she- gets here, it’s an hour drive for her, and I get more anxious as time passes. I don’t even know why…. anxious or not,I’m excited she decided to drive up for the night, even if it’ll be 3am when I see her. 



The Snow tha product concert was beyond words. Amazing!! V.i.p status to. Aaaahhhh it’s a day later and I’m still hyped.

My mom is drinking even though to goes against her bond, idk what to do, she was so drunk tonight she had no idea who I was, kept mistaking me for Greg. I have to move out, I told my sister, and she got upset saying she couldn’t be the only one dealing with this… 

I almost lost it. I baby sit her all day, when something goes wrong everyone blows me up at work and I have to leave, I ask for someone to just be here for a few hours of sleep…. and I get nothing…. but no one else wants to be alone in this, but comfortable leaving me alone to do it. 


Im tired. 

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