[106.5] ~*Tue – 10/31/17*~

[11:13 pm]

I finally decided to just stay home and take it relax as I didn’t really wanted to get dress. Hub made supper and we just spent time doing our own thing. I was bored and what ever I was doing was blah. I hate when I want to do something but then again, don’t want to do anything. 

I took my shower and man, it was a terrible one. I took my conditioner and it was so liquid that it wouldn’t even stay in my hand. The bottle felt like it was still half full but when I tried to empty the water from it, it all just came out. So basically, the whole bottle was just water and I don’t understand how that would of happened. After that I took my body wash and the thing from the shower head came down so the rack fell and the bottles were in front of the water and spaying in my face. I replaced everything and it happened twice. I was getting pretty pissed off. I kept dropping things as well. I normally enjoy a nice warm shower but let me tell ya, that one wasn’t relaxing at all.

As for yesterday, I went out with my first client then came back home to nap for an hour. I went out with my second client which for the first time I told her “no kids songs today” when she was looking to pick a CD in her bag. I just couldn’t handle that yesterday. I was trying to remain strong but at one point I had to go to the washroom to hide cause I had started crying. My last client cancelled so I went to see my friend at four and stayed with her until midnight. We talked and went to the Casino to eat. She played her $5 and didn’t win. I played mom’s $5 and didn’t win but I won $50 with my $5. Of course I could of took $70 but I kept pushing my luck. When we were going out my friend tried a $10 and I tried a $5 but we lost. I went back to her place and we watched Kevin Can Wait. I got home not too long before hub got home from work. 

During the day the manager at the store had called to inform me that she couldn’t pay me for the days I had missed. She tried but the district manager would’t approve it cause I don’t work enough hours there. So she wanted to know if I wanted to go in last night so I wouldn’t lose more hours. I’m glad I said no cause I don’t think I would of made it. I keep trying to be super woman but I’m only human and need to take care of myself. 

Anyways, I watched some shows and read and finally took my pill at like 4 am and slept until 3 pm.

Right now I’d want to watch a movie with hub but I have no idea what I’d want to watch and it’s getting late so I should prob head to bed soon. I guess I shall watch an episode of Orange Is The New Black since I’m all caught up on everything else and I haven’t watched those in a while since I had too many shows to watch.




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