[106] ~*Tue – 10/31/17*~

[5:15 pm]

Already 5 pm and I haven’t done a thing and I don’t know what I’m doing. I only woke up like two hours ago and I’ve been watching TV shows since. I kinda want hub to make us some food but it’s Halloween and we don’t have treats so we’re sorta hiding in the basement right now. I’m not even sure if we get anyone as I believe this is the first year I’m home. I normally always work on Halloween evening so I would not know if we get trick-or-treaters at all. Our first year in the house (nine years ago) I had made like 100 treats and I gave out two (the neighbor’s) so yea. Hub was home but he’s always in the basement on the computer with his headset so he wouldn’t hear the doorbell and have short memory so that’s that. The following year I made just a few and again, hub didn’t pay attention so no clue if any came. I then stopped as it was pointless so I assume people around here knows that we don’t give out any treats. Sucks as I just love Halloween so much. I would love to see some lil trick-or-treaters. Oh well..

Anyways, back to the food. I’m getting hungry. I’m debating on maybe going out to eat and go see a movie as I need to keep myself busy but we’re already over budget and it’s the last day of the month and lost some days for our next pay and gaw. I don’t know what I want to do. I also wanted to clean the yard today but again, I’m sorta hiding. It’s crazy, it’s already starting to be dark outside and it’s still early. 

I want to go out and not. I’m also thinking of ordering and watching a movie at home. I hate not knowing what I want. There’s a movie I’d want to go see which plays in two hours. My hair such a mess, I need to wash them. That said, I’d prob need to take a shower before going out and have to blow dry my hair which I’m not sure I feel like doing right now. Blah!




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