9 months down, 3 mos to go

10/20/2017 marked the ninth month end of a long term friendship/relationship with my first love. As the months pass and become closer to the one year mark, I’ve started to think/ reminisce of the good memories that were blocked. There are still virtual evidence of our relationship that lingers on social media. I happen to sutumble upon one of them. I read a few lines in the conversation, and I feel dread. How could I say some things in such a manner, how did I not treasure our relationship more? I can only take responsibility for my actions in that relationship, but I will not accept blame for the man who decided to cheat on me, and disrespect our long history.
I can’t hate him, I don’t know how to hate a person I once loved and care for. The only thing I can do is move on and let those old memories lay in peace.

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