First Entry

Writing has always been helpful to me, especially that I can’t keep my emotions bottled up or else, ill end up in in the ER or ill make my parents worry. So writing has always been a way for me to share my thoughts. I tend to talk to my best friend or close friends whom I trust but, I can’t bother them anytime I want right? Anytime I feel hurt or sad or feel like crying. They have their own personal space that’s why it’s sometimes better to leave things out and just start writing down than to share it with anyone. I think everyone would agree on this. lol but, maybe not? okay so I’ll end this for now. 



I really hope I’ll continue writing in this journal.  xx

2 thoughts on “First Entry”

  1. Yeah i think you should, i mean i am new to this as well and i really don’t enjoy writing as much but i think it’s helpful and refreshing. Lmao but i do agree with you on the friends thing, i actually don’t show any sorts of sadness infront of them but thats just me i mean i just dont feel as comfortable. But anyways i hope you would continue writing

  2. hi nors890, yes, some people really doesn’t show what they truly feel or what they’ve been going through. Sometimes, it’s a matter of comfort zones too. hehe. well hopefully i could continue writing on this site. The idea of writing really helps me a lot. haha 🙂

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