Jesus this is actually a nice idea, to write your journal online with people reading it well at least thats what i got. So since this is a journal i should make it sound like one. (Keep in mind that this is my first time writing a journal, and i dont really know what it consists off, but who cares right)

1st.november.2017         3:19am

Well it’s 3 am in the morning and i am still lying on the bed typing my “journal” i just felt like it, i just thought: “oh, why don’t i check if there are any of those journals that people could actually read, like that would be intresting i mean the internet has all sorts of things nowadays there is no way there will be no such thing.” and boom i found this, you see i am not really the type to write stuff down on a paper and talk about my day in details, what i did and what i didn’t. but today i just feel like talking, i mean having a conversation with myself makes me feel happy because i’ll be intrested in what i’m actually saying. So today was actually the second day of my grandma’s funeral, a few people came but it was better than the first day like damn the first day was a ruckus and our house was crowded and messy, but why am i complaining if im not the one who is gonna be cleaning up the mess lmao, complaining is all i could do in these situations but it is my grandma’s funeral so it shouldn’t be a bad thing for it to be messy. Lord i am starting to not feel like myself, i think i used to be brighter before i had a bit of confidence in myself now i dont even know shit 


Im ending this , im sleepy

Im not sure im into this, its kinda tiring to type what happened in your whole day. 

The amount of food i eat is just plenty, lets hope i dont get fat soon.

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