There was a Girl, With an UnSpoken Truce

There was a Girl,

Who lived in a fantasy and dreamt with her eye open,

She was blind to the world’s painful cruel Judgement,
But as time went on her façade,
Her Day dream,
Began to subside making her vision all too clear,
She began to fear the world all around her and didn’t know where to run,
She couldn’t run from the place the place that was considered home,
She couldn’t run from Reality as it came crashing down,
The world seemed to slow as she realized where she was,
Her hands were so cold and her cheeks so wet,

There was a woman,
She was lying on the bed and a ghostly white sheet placed over her body,
She wasn’t moving,
Her chest wasn’t heaving,
The machines were all beeping,
Her hand was gripped between mine,
There was no longer warmth between our hands,
Just a cold empty shell,
The Girl’s lips were moving not a sound breaking out,
She was pulled from the woman’s empty grasp and her eyes wandered up,
The sheet fell,
Revealing her face drained of all emotion,
Her lips a nipped blue,
Her hair no longer a vibrant red,
But something brown,
Something Dead,

The Girl’s hands shook as she was lead away,
Her family all sobbing,
Their heads all bobbing,
Her throat clenched around the words she meant to ask,
Her silent but Unspoken Truce,
‘You’ll wake up, Wake Up Soon,’

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