Bhavyesh Acharya | Unsplash
Photo by Bhavyesh Acharya on Unsplash


You simply fail to even comprehend

A single fucking part of me.

I’m just a means to an end.

While you lived in a dream

I was stuck in World War III.

An absolute disaster of a relationship you were after.

You made my life suck; I could never forgive you after.

All the pain! All the disdain! Totally drained!

Sucking the life-force out of me through my very membranes!

You’re insane!

You’re a joke!

I don’t want you to choke!

But please, move on even if it means lighting up a smoke!

Never heard a fucking thing about this alcoholic thing.

You couldn’t even trust me when you were your truest.

And honest to God, I never saw you do SHIT.

Damn good at debate and even better at caring,

But your negligence reigns as daresay the most daring!

Therefore, you’re dumb as a plum.

Not considering the pain I had been stuck upon.

Now if you excuse me, I have to rip my hair out.

Your braggart ways make me smell like an onion.

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