[107] ~*Wed – 11/01/17*~

[11:56 pm]

It’s already Nov.. the time is going by way too fast. Feels like I just paid our bills and here I was today, paying bills again. Oct is already done and I don’t even remember seeing it go by. One day the trees had leaves, the next they were changing colors and the next, they were all on the ground. I keep telling myself I want to mow the lawn one last time before winter but the way it’s going, not sure it will happen.

Anyways, I slept a good 10 hrs but I was so exhausted this morning, I looked like a zombie. I had actually told hub I wanted him to come cuddle once I was done reading but of course, I was still reading but told myself I would take a lil five mins to rest my eyes but I sorta fell asleep so I just put my book away and decided to sleep cause I was that tired. Didn’t even take a pill cause I had no energy to do so. At close to 5 am I woke up cause I needed to go to the washroom and decided to take my pill at that time to make sure I had a good rest. That said, I still felt exhausted this morning, well afternoon since I only woke up at a bit after noon since my first client was at 1 pm.

So I went out with my first client. When I got to my second client, no one was home so I called this office thinking they had forgotten to call me to say he would be at his grandma which is the case half the time. They hadn’t received any call from his mom and couldn’t reach her so I waited my 15 mins and could leave. I was gonna go eat out with hub since I had three hours but decided to ask him to make us something to eat instead. Only the 1st of the month and already spending money, not good. Since I was home, what happened?! I was barely done eating that I had already decided I was gonna go have a nap. I was in the middle of watching an episode but all I wanted was my bed so I went and napped. This is really ridiculous. I’m thinking about my mom which is running around all the time and now has to go work tomorrow and she’s running on what?! I have no clue cause I’m so freaking exhausted and I don’t do nearly as much as she’s doing right now. It’s getting me worried about her. I’m scared she will end up doing too much. I told her she should be taking tomorrow off for herself and relax but she doesn’t want too. I just really hope she can handle all of this cause I honestly don’t know what I would do if anything would happen to her. I think I would totally lose it.

Beside that, I went out with my last client. Came back home and watch some shows and hub made us some food again. So nice of him. I was too lazy to do the dishes so I’ve put away what was in the dishwasher and filled it back with today’s dishes. I did do the garbage and brought them to the road. 

Right now I should be in bed but instead I wanted to watch a movie which I am doing at the moment while writing. I’m not sure if I’ll finish it but I felt like watching a kids movie or what not. I was going to watch a cartoon but found this movie, A Witche’s Ball and it’s what I just started watching.




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