130 D

My little girl. My not so little girl anymore is moving reluctantly toward being a teenager. And it just this second occurred to me that I am not doing enough to celebrate the wonder that becoming a teenager (and then a woman) is. I am so focused on what she was – a baby, a beautiful little baby who made us a family 13 years ago. I realized this when I thought about how often she regresses into baby talk lately. And child-like behavior – wanting me to “dress” her or “bathe” her. Saturday was her “gotcha” day.  She asked if instead of going her writing workshop could she hang out with us.  Of course was our answer.  And it turned out to be a good thing she didn’t go. She developed a migraine headache.  It was awful.  My teenager was reduced by the unbearable pain into a sobbing, howling child who was saying “mommy make it stop”.  I wanted nothing more than to take it away from her. It lasted under 2 hours I think.  She was nauseous. She finally did vomit at the end of it. Afterward, and for the rest of the day she was so appreciative of the help, love, support from H and I.  She said “Thank you so much for taking care of me” to both of us several times.  Later that day when I was with a group of women friends telling them of her awful experience they asked if she has started her period. I said no and they unanimously said it is probably coming soon.  It makes sense. All the hormones stirring up. Though I never had a migraine that young, I could see where one might occur at such a physically and mentally tumultuous time. So moving forward what do I do to ease her into being a young adult? What do I do? I’m coming up empty.  

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