21 Day Fast – Day 3

The fast is going far easier than expected but there are still cravings and hunger, that cannot be denied.  I am surprised at how much fog is lifted from your mental cognition. I feel razor sharp in the mind and my senses, particulary smell, is extremely increased.  

To keep myself motivated AND disciplined – I watch fasting vlogs and also read journal vlogs. It is important to remind myself why I’m doing this and the benefits that i’ll reap. I believe this will be a complete transformation of the mind, body and soul.  

My initial reasons for doing this were mainly for fat loss, but the longer this fast goes on the more my thinking and intuition becomes clearer.  There are many benefits to take from today and my mood is 90% of the time a good one.  I feel radiant and my outlook on life is much more positive.  There is possibly a vibrational change deep within.  

I’ve kept on with my daily habits such as early rising, cold showers, university work, exercise, meditation and the compounded benefits are just growing expotentially.

One thing is for sure, I don’t want to start working as soon as I graduate. I feel I have a MUCH more important calling to follow first. I have noticed I spent a great deal less of time worrying – whether that be about money, personal issues or so on. 

My motivation to learn and gain as much knowledge, insight and wisdom is possible is increasing too. 

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