First one

As soon as i found this site i saw a lot of posts about people’s deepest and most personal thoughts and experiences. Despite this, some i even felt were writing about me. I know they werent writing about me but, its like a melancholic satisfaction in knowing im not the only person in my position kinda. 


I want more support and just like general fruendship. Im still figuring out how to socialisd so i thought id look around on the net. Things on my kind hhve been mental health, job!, money, friends and my place on earth. Idk how to fit in or motivate myself alone. I still havent worked out what i can do… im smart and logical but people want friendly bubbly types. I feel like to real for some people and probably come off as a kittle angry. But thats part of my health issue…. 


Why life gotta be so complex at 22. Im just trying to find the right help:/

2 thoughts on “First one”

  1. I was typing this out on a touch screen, apologies for the spelling mistakes etc

  2. I’m a little relieved. You’re the first person I’ve interacted with here and you straight up said you don’t get the bubbly thing. I love that! I feel like I have to pretend a lot. Maybe we won’t have to pretend to each other, should we manage to become friends. I’m looking forward to the possibility.

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