Sick of the blame

Wassup bitches,

Ok, so todays entry is gunna be kind off like a rant and a true insight to what us teenager do . some people my think what I’m about to say is concerning and some may not give les of a shit . I don’t care , either way!

Ok , what happened is my nan and grandad (wo I live with as well as my mom, dad and brother) bought loads of chocolate . I asked if I could have an aero because, hello, they’re bae! They said yes so I have an aero but then my dad calls me downstairs with his sharp voice , that’s when I knew I was going to be in shit , my first thoughts were , shit did they find out about Danny, or do they know I smoke? but…no! They’re pissed because someone ate the last double decker, yes that’s right they ate a chocolate bar! I know, its the end of the fucking world.


so…. they ask me once if I ate the double decker I tell them no, I ate the aero , they ask me 3 more times and I tell them no every time . My mom tells my dad to search my room for the double decker wrapper . Surprise, surprise, he didn’t find one because I didn’t eat the fucking double decker . (wish I did now though) . My mother decided it was ok to threaten me not only once, but twice. My mom said and I quote ” if you don’t tell me you ate that chocolate bar I’m gunna smash your fucking face in” I say “I did not eat the double decker, I ate the aero. ” She stands up and screams at me she said “liar, I can see your lying admit you ate it now or I will punch you in your face” like I believe she will too! she will actually punch me in my face! Trust me, she has pushed me and scared me and hit me before, never too seriously though . So stupid little me is thinking I cant be bothered so I say in a funny voice just to stop arguments ” I ate it” and she said ” you can get out my fucking face and go to fucking bed turn off your fucking laptop and your fucking phone and your TV too and I don’t want to see your lying little face again , after school you come straight home and don’t go to meet your friends until you can be trusted” OVER A FUCKING CHOCOLATE BAR I DIDNT EVEN EAT AND ONLY SAID I ATE IT TO PREVENT AN ARGUMENT AND BEING PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY MY MOM BECAUSE IF SHE PUNCHES ME I PROMISE I WILL PACK MY BAG AND BE OUT THAT DOOR FASTER THAN YOU CAN BLINK . 


so now I’m sitting in my room listening to everyone but my older brother (the only one who gives a shit about me) talk about me behind my back about how fat I am and need to stop eating chocolate and how useless and stupid I am . So fuck my life, basically!


I give up trying to please people. Fuck what my mom says she’s lucky I’m not packing my suitcase right now but I’m sure it wont be long until I am !


I’m 16 in march and imma walk out that door with a bug smile saying ” good riddance” 

so sick of being blamed for things by my own family and threatened by my own mother and then made to feel like absolute shit !


Someone just fucking shoot me


moral of the story, just take the blame because the person who did it clearly wont and it will stop you from being extremely hurt.

                                 Bye bitches

                                             love – PhycoBitch2.6

2 thoughts on “Sick of the blame”

  1. Hello, I hate when some moms think that we can’t hear what they are saying behind our back. Sometimes I feel they are always trying to make us leave. We are who we are we do what we do… Just try to focus on your future and what you can do to make it better for you.

  2. Hey Sassygege12 . I completely agree with you. At this time in life we need to focus on ourseves and our future. I also feel my mom is trying to make me leave especially when she says ” if you don’t like it then go live with your dad” most the time shes too drunk to remember…. haha but still… she said it and we still remember if she doesn’t. That shit hurts . Hope you read my other journals

    – PhycoticBitch2.6

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