Wednesday wfh and a ticket to home

Working from home today cause I want to get things done. Working from the coffee shop in K-town called LaB coffee and roasters. 1:31 PM already got so much done. 3 – 4 more things on my list and hoping to get all of them done by end of the day. It is really nice to have option to work from home that allows me to focus better and get things done. Switching around work atmosphere seems to be working pretty good for me.

I have been monitoring the ticket price to Korea for weeks now and I finally got my ticket to home today. A round trip ticket for $1000. Does not seem to be that bad at all and I don’t have to waste time to look around the ticket anymore. Already getting excited to spend time with family at home.

Got my second coffee here already and will probably spend rest of the day here to get things done.

How’s your Wednesday going? Hope it’s going well 🙂

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