What am I doing with my life?

I feel like the kind of typical teenager behavior is finally just kind of blooming out. I am still me, but like ive been having so much fun lately It’s strange. I still remember the days I sat inside my room for weeks without talking to people at all, just playing games and binge watching tv shows. That was my kind fo fun back then, It still is. Still super chill, but at the same time I’ll join you travelling the world. 

I’ve met this great guy actually, he is nothing less than what I want. He is like 3 years older than me, and like I have been seeing him for the past 3/4 weeks? Countless dates, we have gotten so close. We are basiclly boyfriend and girlfriend, we just dont call eachothers that yet. Which is fine by me, I don’t want to unessecary rush things, you know? I’ve even slept over at his place, and it was the best sleepover ever, so cozy! We chill, cuddle, binge watch movies and just be eachothers company you know? When I first contacted him, it wasnt really ment as anything serious. It was for fun, because I was bored and I found him attractive. My chances of actually getting to him was so small. but hey look, I’m here now. Seems its getting very serious too, its wonderful. He even met my parents? How did that happen? Hopefully he stays for a while, known him for 2 months but been dating for like 3. Lets make it even longer, I really like this guy and I feel like its working great. 


Also you know, It was Halloween last night. And well I spend the evening at my friends place, me and 6 other girls. It was alot of fun! It’s been a long time since so many of my friends have been all gatherd together, already miss it. We ate pizza, pepperoni my favorite. We played sms roulette which was a nerve wreck, good for me I didn’t take any of the bad options to text people. We also had karaoke, which was very strange because I’ve never sung in front of my friends before. I used to be so shy about that, but lately I’ve been opening up alot. I’m headed the right way in life, especially with the social anxiety i am struggeling with. Also, I drank a bunch of alcohol that smelled and tasted like complete shit, it was a part of the game and well shit that was horrible. Really hope we have more of these evenings, and that I dont have to wait until Halloween 2018!!

Other than that, my birthday is coming up. Let’s see if anything exciting will be coming up!

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