Writing is a time machine that can go  anywhere in the world.  Writing is the one thing that will keep me amused for hours. My writing can go from being the funniest most entertaining stories, to being about my most deepest secrets that are kept twelve feet underground. One day I am walking down the streets of Guatemala, going to a place I once called home. The next day I am running through a twisted maze trying to get away from all the monsters that live only deep inside my twisted mind.

       My pen is my  weapon – with just a simple word I can make anyone’s day or I could shatter them completely; leaving all of the broken pieces scattered all over the floor. In in my head writing is a person with multiple personalities. One day the words act like a best friend who is always there to encourage me . The next day they will be my biggest bullies, always there to rip me apart like a piece of paper, and they will  always come back to reopen the wounds they left behind. You can never go wrong with writing, you can be as shallow as you want making people feel like there is a wall all around you, not letting them have a peek inside to who you really are. Or you can be as meticulous as you want and let them see right through you making them feel like they are looking through glass.

        I started to write when I was around ten years old; I was still a tiny flower seed starting to let my roots grow. Back then I went through a period of time were I didn’t have a lot of people to talk to and ramble on about my problems. Whenever I did gain enough confidence to tell someone about my problems nobody would listen close enough to know that something was wrong. That’s when I turned to writing the most because it felt very therapeutic to let some of the thoughts that were haunting me, making me stay up late at night be free. Writing has always felt like my safe zone; the same way that a little kid feels wrapped around their favorite fluffy blanket. I could just sit on my bed for hours and let my thoughts run around free. At times I feel like a giant black hole is swallowing me up and taking me away into this never ending dream.  

        Writing should feel like the words are just flowing out of your thoughts and onto the paper like a beautiful waterfall on a hot summer day. My stories are a reflection of my life. Whenever I write, I want to be able to read back this stories and look into the mirror and see the reflection of who I was before.At times my writing will be very lively and upbeat-making me feel like the spectacular shiny sun is shining down on me making me feel warm inside. Other days my writing is like a slithering storm slowly growing and strongly getting bigger, until I can’t hold it in anymore and just let the raindrops start to pour everywhere.

       I still don’t take this as an advantage and think that I am Leo Tolstoy of my generation; because frantically I would be lying to myself. I am fortunate enough to have the ability to write and have a way of letting my feelings out. This is an everyday practice section where I am able to reflect upon myself and my life. A time where I am being able to practice my skills.I am eager to see where my writing will take me next, what fear will come to the front of my mind and force me to see the birth of a hideous  monster, and  hope the I learn how to be a better version of myself.


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