131 – period

D got her period the day after the migraine. She called me when she got home. Was very upbeat and very matter of fact about it. She was somewhat prepared in that she wore a liner as she has been doing from time to time for a while now. She did go to the nurse for a pad. So since Monday we’ve talked about it and I have helped her when she needs it.  She is so appreciative.  I love how this is unfolding for both of us. It is a complete 180 from how it happened for me.  And I suppose for my mom too.  I was not prepared at all – other than the conversations I had with my almost as equally unprepared peers – I had no education on the subject. I was angry for a time at my mother for not helping me. But age has granted me perspective. It taught me to fend for myself and for that I thank my mom. I figured it out. I’m just so happy the D does not have to figure it out all by herself.

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