back and grateful than ever

I had a fucking great time today with my family! We woke up around 4 am and this was not even planned so I thought they were going cuckoo. I slept late because I have a wonderful and very interesting boyfriend to keep me up late every night. HAHAHAHA! I’m just too happy that I can’t even contain it! So yep, we went to the cemetery around 6 am and made a mess. We were laughing too loud that I’m sure my late granddad stirred from his slumber… and the rest of the dead people down there. We also had samgyupsal with my relatives for dinner. I’m actually very sleepy now but I gotta write this first bec it was an awesome day! YEEEEY! ^_^

I love life even if sometimes it is difficult. And I am very grateful and blessed to have my family, friends, and the love of my life. Good night! ;* 

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