Back from vacation

Having a hard time getting back into the daily groove after vacation.  I think my vacation was very healthy, I haven’t taken that much time off work in my life.  It was very good for my relationship, usually we fight when we go out of town for any amount of time.  I had such a great time, and now I’m back.  I’m back to my apartment I just moved in to that I’m regretting. I’m back into my job where my boss just quit and going into year end is going to be terrible.  I’m back in a town I don’t enjoy and I’m back to where I don’t have many friends.  I feel overwhelmed with so many things I need to get done but  I have no motivation. I can see myself wanting to isolate, work from home, sleep in, and tear down all the progress that I’ve made.  I usually try to end on a positive note, but I’m not feeling positive right now, and I want to stop masking emotions.  

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