Issue # 4 – Holy Shmoly

Today we had a project milestone discussion with CEO and team there are only two client engineers on the project at the moment. And I was surprised by seeing the millstone document. First milestone date is 17 November but we have to share the build on 10th so that build can be improved and bugs free. Next milestone date is 22 December and 3rd milestone date is January something 2nd and 3rd milestone features are way to much but we doable,

The real problem is the features we are supposed to delivered are gated either by art team or by particle effect team and all the pressure on us mostly on me because I was the one who has developed the client side code from start.

Apart from all the pressure I’ve excepted the challenge, I have made the list of features of current milestone and I gonna burn that list day by day and I will inform CEO about things on end of day which are dependent on others so that he has heads up about things.

This week wasn’t much productive at all and my energy level wasn’t high which is used to be normally and I’m struggling to make hobby to peruse there is so many things on my mind. I was feel more emotional this week I guess this was the reason to indecision to pick a hobby and stick to it. Today I drank too much coffee, tea and green tea, and I’m being careless about my diet, I’m eating too much junk food lately.

So Here is the new Plan in place which I will follow by this weekend (GOD wILLING) i.e pick a thing to learn or to do, set Goal and pursue that hobby for a week no matter what and on weekend evaluate what you have done etc and repeat that process. ta da. here are some examples of things, make a prototype of a game, Read a complete book, make personal website in PHP codeigniter, Learn vector art software and make something cool out of it, play new game. the thing is singularity, one hobby a week.


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