School Pickup….

I’m so embarrassed…one young person is stressful enough….but both of them….’why didn’t have my car’ takes off down the street…Geez. It’s OK. She’s 8 (had cancer last yr. she’s good now) he’s 5 and a terror! I’m not able to be a normal person and I was not socialized as a puppy so I have no idea of what is ‘normal’. Anyway….learned a lot today and I’ll have a better feel (?) of it tomorrow. I have Thursday and Friday for the next couple of months plus a few Wednesdays. There just kids and I have to just understand what it is. I drop them at home and don’t hang around as there is a day care with other kids. I just judge myself so much and I stress and worry and have lots of Fear around any thing like this. Even running into other parents I know of…I still don’t know what to do or how to act especially when they get on with the kids better then I do. Embarrassing!! Thanks

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