There we go again …

Oh dear , so its 00.12….Thursday morning …..well late night just to be clear. Anyway , I am sitting in still my flat. My stuff, or rest of them are packed in black bin bags , because after years in UK cant even afford fucking proper suitcase. Because I am bit of fucking idiot and I am not sure if I will ever be able to change my path. Path of working hard, parting hard …..path of love and passion , path of craziness of traveling , exploring , discovering ….

Its time to start using the knowledge I gain while being a twat I finally start again and proper.

My new place is chalet . Located behind Dartmouth just behind Sainsbury’s . After I move up its time to focus on my life and dreams and myself in general. Also need to stop with Charlie. Mine latest shit…like really ?

And …what the hell I am capable of if lost on it. And why do fuck it had happened to me be fucking like that. I wish to be normal and have a peaceful and normal life , but …somehow I cant find the way . Jana add me back to friends . I do love her. I did forget what a great time and talk we used to have and how relived I feel after talking to her .

I also kind of loose myself with certain 3 guys lately. Oh well plus my ,,Boyfriend ,, from Slovakia ….yeah I am a that kind of girl…but let me explain.

The first one is the guy I know longest since I moved up it this lovely little town. He used to sort out herb for me and I liked his personality straight away. And his voice. Babyboy , lets call him this way was working at the local pub , and he was Lewis,s  friend. I did had an incident with his now at the moment former girlfriend SSexi.  I did fucked him first time at the music festival , while working for hotel and lived at Primrose house . He was still in the relationship but I don’t really give a dam about that if it benefit me and so on . Than I went for a few short holidays back home over summer and since than we manage to met up few times for a shag. …but , nothing special or so .

Since I return from Slovakian Trip I did start to enjoy cocaine ….always with friends , always available ….

Over past few weeks while using , been offered to pop out of flat for ,,smoke and that ,, by me delivery dude…aka ginger cunt or dickhead V ….Once I did. Second time it was me to ask him to pop out. Well . Felling a bit embarrassed but fuck it.

Than ….I fuck guy I am sitting here at the moment and his ex is sitting here as well ….he is 45 and I do playing tennis with him…well we do play more than that :)) but …..will be writing more later …going to have


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