I just do not get it….. I hold my tongue and don’t say anything sometimes for days, so things don’t get weird…. and sometimes it is just me getting in my head too much, I know this, but I’m talking facts…. when I don’t like what’s going on, regardless of what else is probably going on…. the point is if I feel like I feel right now then something is making me feel this way, and I don’t want whatever the issue, in my life… Period…. when am I going to be strong enough to say enough is enough? When people? I could not love anyone or be more into, down for, in love with another person as I am with him. It’s not good enough, okay, I get it…. but don’t tell me it is, that you feel the same way…blah blah blah…. then do what your doing…. shit doesn’t add up… I finally atleast get that out tonight… Shit is just not adding up… Now he storms off, banging stuff around like he can’t believe what I’m even saying….. what the fuck???? I can’t do this anymore. I feel like a fool, a sucker….. I’m probably the only one that doesn’t know whats going on… Am I the side chic? Even though you live with me? I really can’t take another one of your move outs then move backs like nothing even happened. Not doing it AGAIN 


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