Awfully tired

Hi Friends!  I am very tired, but getting by.  I would appreciate prayers because my doctor is sending me to a pain management clinic so she can take me off of norco (a narcotic) which I have been on for so many years.  I am not looking forward to withdrawal! My mom is getting along VERY well and may come home soon after a terrible fall.  Her Aspen Collar is off and her sling on her arm; soon she will be able to walk with a walker.  She is 93.  She is always smiling.  I go by to see her every day and keep up with her laundry and take her treats and visit. I know it means a lot to her.  How are all of you?  God bless you each one.

2 thoughts on “Awfully tired”

  1. I will pray for you that you are able to come off the pain meds without any trouble . So glad to hear your mum is getting better x

  2. Dear Lynn, sending you positive thoughts as you go through this test of time, I know you have the strength honey. Its lovely to read your mum is doing so well through her recovery. Wishing much love to the both of you.

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