Christmas Tree

We put up the Christmas tree today and it was tiring but we had so much fun. We didn’t finish early because we had lots of flirting, bantering, and singing moments. The first time that I realized we have something so perfect, I got scared. The memories are too damn good that I am sure there’s no way to get over them if we ever won’t work out. But he’s my best friend and no matter what, we are bound to fall back together. We both know it.

He is something. He makes me fall in love with myself when I’m all sweaty and feeling ugly. He has a way of knowing when I’m tired and just need that back massage (it’s the best!). And when he’s happy and excited like a kid, I just want to love him so good he would never wanna leave. The first time we’ve had our true conversation I wanted to treat him right, just the way he truly deserves. I really hope I’m doing a great job because this wonderful guy deserves the best. I hope he will forever have the merriest Christmases!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree”

  1. I love your tree and the pic of you with your special one. How great to hear about your happiness. I’ve been married 47 years, honey, so I can tell you, IT CAN LAST !!! And I’m sure your love will! Merry Christmas!

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