Day 613, 614 & 615 – Halloween & 4+++

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween! I dressed up as a Ravenclaw student along with Kohai. A few people recognized us, which is cool! I also saw an L from Death Note and I believe a Castiel from Supernatural. Wish I asked if she was Castiel, but I’m too shy, haha.

I started off with French. We had a substitute and continued working on our essay plans. 

Then I had math. We started a new chapter and it’s algebra, my type of thing. I’m not really good at word questions compared to the typical equation, because equations are a lot easier to see and understand for me, because there’s not tricky words that can change the whole way to get the answer in those. There can be some tricky numbers, but not often. Even then, the change isn’t that big.

In English my teacher signed us up for the afternoon movie, and it was actually the one I wanted to see; Don’t Breathe! It’s actually a lot more messed up than I thought it would be. I watched the movie and translated it to my close friend that was just reading on her phone.

Afterwards I went to the homework club with Kohai. We wanted to get homework done while we wait before going to our usual sushi place. I was struggling on a math question, so she went to get a teacher, but by the time she came back, I managed to figure it out. The question also helped me a ton for tomorrow’s test.

After a while, we got kicked out since the club was ending, and so we just hung out for a while before catching our bus. We went to the sushi place and met up with our two close friends. We ate until we couldn’t anymore, then Kohai and one close friend came to my house. We were going to watch Netflix, but decided to play Sorry!. I got wrecked the first time and our close friend won, but I won the second round. Then we played a bit of Apples to Apples and our close friend won once again.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

That day was alright.

I started off with math, where we had a test. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, because it was trial and error, but I wasn’t too sure if I did good cause of that.

Afterwards I had French and continued working on my plan.

At lunch I sat with my close friends and then I left for technology. I spent most my time looking at scholarships and writing a 140 maximum character quote for one of them, asking what I hope to change by going to [my college of choice].

I finished the day with English, where we simply continued reading Othello and did a fun homonyms crossword paper. I realized while doing that, the app I’ve been using called Elevate actually really helped me out finding the homonyms, since one of the tasks in the app requires for you to chose the right homonyms. The Wordscape app that I also play a lot helped me too.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

This day was alright as well.

I started off with English. We continued reading Othello and I tried raising my hand once again to have one of the long speaking roles, but my teacher never looks in my direction, and I don’t like yelling out. He keeps going, “Oh, no brave souls?” while I’m at the side like a kid going “Me! Me! I’m a brave soul!” But I actually just have my hand half way raised. But I did yell out once and he didn’t hear me nor did anyone else, so I kinda just sunk into my chair.

I had technology afterwards. I continued working on my TIE Fighter, and it’s getting there! Doesn’t look the best, but not bad at all either. The Star Destroyer was much easier; don’t get why my teacher recommended to make the TIE Fighter first.

I ended the day with math. I got my test back and it surprised me… I got a 4+++! How is that even possible, having 3 pluses, I mean? But I guess it’s because for him, 95% or 4+ is a 4++, instead of 4++ being 100%+, so that’s why he’s pluses goes really far out when you go over 100%, haha. But I got everything right on the test (although I chose the easy way), and I was the only one who got the bonus question (which is why I got over 100%)! I didn’t believe it, cause I made a risky move at the end by guessing, so I had to ask him if it was me who got the bonus question, although it clearly indicated it was me. Anyway, afterwards we continued chapter 3, then corrected the test. People were asking who got the bonus question, but our teacher said it was up to the person to say if they wanted to say or not. I don’t like boasting, but I did tell one person at the start so that she could know how to do it. I passed her my test so she could copy it down, then a classmate that I used to talk quite a bit with took a picture, as well as a couple of people asked some questions on it. I talked with my classmate about Othello and how I wanted to read out the long parts, then we talked about university and college, since they said I should be a math teacher, but ha, never. I love algebra and types of maths like that, but other than that, keep me away from it. I guess I can only go into algebra, but still not passionate enough about it to pursue. To me it’s just a class treat.

At home I decided to relax again. I should’ve worked on my portfolio or my French essay, but I didn’t feel motivated enough.

That’s all for today.

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