i was feeling good,happy today and then my cousin comes n she says something and bingo!

what can i do if she is getting married? DANCE?! no,thanks. i have much better things to do than that. like,seriously? why is that she is getting married so important. idc. Like yeah! one day  10 years from now i will be married too, so will my sisters  be and all us will have kids too by then and then it wont matter n i dont giva shit what she is up to. dieting,shoppin, i dont care. DONT TELL ME!

cuz when they do,it feels like they are saying ,”Oh sorry, you are her age but u are not even engaged,eh?”

I truly dont care and it is just an irritating and bad thing to feel. im just normal,totally normal until someone brings it up in my face. if its not written for me at this time, im not to blame or my sisters. it will happen when it will be best for me and the purpose of life is to not just get married and have kids. there is so much more to life than that. it is important but you dont need it to complete you. 

Im fine like totally,my friends are getting engaged,married. im happy for them but im not like yeah,if they are,i have to too. 

maybe,its just not the right time for me. 

I wish everyone well n yeah, Happy marriage y’all. God Bless!



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  1. Have you changed your profile Halasky blue? I haven’t been on for a while and couldn’t find your diary! Anyway , I hope you are well, and I’m a big believer in fate, what is meant for you , you will get ❤️

  2. oh yeah! its me,hehe. i actually deleted my account without a backup. so, now i made a new one. Im good,thankyou. i hope you are also well n so is your pretty little daughter <3. I also believe in fate,i just gotta be patient. 🙂

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