Secondhand Vibrations (2?)

Secondhand Vibrations

March 16, 2016/Muse/ 1 Comment


What if I have never moved in my life? What if everything is moving around me?

What if my vibration is impacting everything else? The less energy I have the less that happens.

Perhaps we are just riding one big wave. Perhaps when all is said and done, we will return to our original state. We think of matter not being moved by waves. However just because it returns to its original position does not mean that it did not shift in the system at any point. Anything that no longer has energy falls off of us, we constantly shed cells, is it because they have changed vibration? They are no longer on the same wave as us?

If the vibration of a wave changes mid wave, which position does matter fall back to? Or is equilibrium the same for everything?

We do not store images, or sounds, or feelings. We store vibration. Each memory is a wave. Each wave is a culmination of vibrations

There is no such thing as positive and negative, only relativity to vibration.  Anything we perceive as negative is only something that makes us farther from achieving this equilibrium. And although negative thoughts do not make bad things happen. If we give off a negative vibe, that vibe affects the vibrations of everything around it. Thus giving things around us a balance that is not in tune with our own.

As I once mentioned, I cannot perceive and process at the same time. For I can only process that which has already been perceived.


“You can’t experience and transcribe at the same time. All I want to do is get all of this emotion out of me in the form of beauty, and yet I don’t even know what this is yet. I’ve never felt it before, never gone through this before.”


  • JH– I’m glad I lived in my own imagination for most of my childhood.
  • JB- Seems like todays youth live in the imagination of a programmer.. for good and for bad..
  • JH– Yeah but I makes it more difficult for them to come up with things on their own. There’s no need to imagine if things are readily available to be perceived.
  • JB– Couldn’t agree more… I was an outdoorsy child n teen myself though
  • JH– Granted nature also must be perceived. But TV and video games are literally taking those things and tying them to an artificial experience that someone else created.
  • JB– I just worry about the next generations ability to hold a conversation in person. .. I’m not going to lie as I get older its been harder for me to meet people n make new relationships just bc of how technology has already started impacting our generation. . I can’t even imagine how it’s going to be for the next gen
  • JH– Its funny. I used to watch students wait for sandwiches at the mix and almost everyone was on their phones. Busy. And yet doing nothing. Its like if stimulus and emotions can be found through an intimate object there is no desire to create it. I remember how awkward it was when I was younger and the first one to homeroom, there was this need to look busy so id go through my assignment book, etc.
  • JH– But now I fill my empty time with what other people are doing in their time, or what they have already done.
  • JB– Was that last message in reference to social media?
  • JH– it was in reference to anything man made. Second hand vibrations.


—–This is just another reason why I feel that man made things actually inhibit us.  We experience someone else’s experience. Even journaling causes me to experience the past in the light which I wrote it in.


An image is not a memory. It is a part of one. An image without an experience lacks feeling…and yet it does not. Colors of the photo, how it was taken, the amount of light says something about how that thin feels to us. Language, lyrics, songs. Recomposed vibrational patterns. Turned into different mediums. Yet containing the same amount of energy.


If we have no goals can we have motivation? Is motivation a wave that is tuned to a goal?


And is that why a picture taken while inspired is different than one taken bored? Is that why a perfect song or image can bring us to tears? It is an overall vibration which matches one that we recognize, even though its in different form?


One of our greatest flaws is that we try to tie vibrations to forms of matter. However the waves are only ever moving around these things. Holding on to the object itself will not preserve its vibration, and eventually we will notice that it is no longer the same.



Its like I can see the whole picture and its too much to begin to explain. For to explain something you must break it down and put it in an order. But I can only see the whole picture now. I do not yet understand it. And I cant compress it, other than to live it and be the compressor of…. Everything. But when I try to explain it, I lose most of my vision to a single focal point. And I cant explain that focal point enough to progress past it without knowing and understanding this whole picture. See where my predicament lies?


The thing is Im pretty good at taking something and applying it in all types of situations, my huge guess and check game. Guess this thing, and if everything else makes sense because of it, you win. I wonder if it matters how far into the pattern I get before my answer is proven incomplete. Not wrong, just missing pieces.


I thought I was right there….so many times. And perhaps I was. But I wasn’t aware of it. Because instead of sticking to my belief in that question, I assumed that I was correct and moved on to the next question. Or I got bored with it. I tied my belief into matter and so it couldn’t flow freely. It didn’t move with me. The belief could only hold the particles for so long before they shifted. And so somewhere in a shedding of layers, the object changes its vibration. Its pitch. Its tone, its song. Luckily for living things, we regenerate.


But the more we shed, the more we grow something slightly different than what was there prior. So we do not get worn down to nothing, we fight back.  We create something to take the place of our ruins. And although it grows has the same vibrations as the old parts that remain, It doesn’t have the experience of the moments. But if enough of the object is still in tact it can transfer the memories of those moments to the new growth. So I guess, keep your most precious memories safe no matter how much life wears you down.


Either way, if you started as some giant puzzle youd come out with completely different pieces as you came in with, but although these pieces are replaced, they never all fit together quite the same again. And you have to put this puzzle together while the pieces are disappearing and changing constantly. And some occurances can leave you suddenly missing many old pieces at once which takes you back a step, but the new ones all grow together so the fit almost perfectly. They also may not know what pattern to fit into though, only the border of the pieces that existed there before the piece went missing can remember whats supposed to be there. But the pieces can build off the old piece, sharing information in a chain.


Anyways, I’m just saying it’s a really difficult puzzle at any given point of its existence. Solving it in a constant stream of points is just about impossible.

And yet that is life isn’t it? Trying to solve this puzzle when nothing ever stays the same. And if much it does stay the same for too long, it will all change at once. So its almost easier if things are always changing, at least you get a similar piece to work with constantly. If things don’t change then they store a lot of information and memories.


They are also the pieces that you are most familiar with, most comfortable with, have recognized the longest. But if none of those pieces ever change… can none of them ever change? If none change, nothing was worn down and nothing new was built up.


So the puzzle is completed. Its starting point is also its end point. It is just a completely different whole.

You are constantly trying to use these given pieces to make something complete, while none of the original pieces will even be used in the final product.

So I guess you have to hurry up and put everything back at once, which cant happen and piece are missing before they are rebuilt at times.

Or you don’t start at all until you don’t even know if any pieces will fit as none of them were ever combined.

Or you put together the pieces that you have, and hope that you know that piece well enough that you can recognize something familiar in a new piece down the line and remember where it fits.


And maybe if youre lucky youll find a pattern to the seemingly random changes. And youll know what pieces to learn before they shift, and youll know what part of the puzzle is about to fade away. You’ll know which new pieces will soon need to be made. Youll recognize bits of these pieces that you have never seen before and be able to put them into place quickly. That takes a lot of monitoring of a lot of pieces to recognize though.

But that might be the only way to win without too much altering of the original form.

Well, I have no idea why I just started pondering the puzzles of life, but I appreciate what jumbled analogy I made for it.

Something about growth and repair as a living organism, and the parts that experienced a moment may be different than the ones replaying its vibrational impact back to you. The song may be out of order, you may miss a note, you may add parts from a different moment.

Memories are like a song, they are like a painting, a movie, anything that we consider to be art. Memories are the capturing of an essence. They are the ability to experience a specific time/moment, a specific vibrational pattern again, without the presence of the objects. The form may change but the waves still impact one another in the same fashion in a specific example of reference.

Anyways, time is weird, you cant look back too much or you wont notice everything changing around you.  You cant always just look ahead or you wont understand where you are headed or have any base knowledge of these incoming new pieces, you wont know what they were at the beginning so you cant know how to begin finishing it.

You just have to go with the flow. Recognize new things that come to you, learn how the pieces fit together over time. Keep the image of what was so that you know what you are working towards, stop pretending that you know what form it will someday take, and start appreciating each change that occurs, each piece that comes and goes, and learn as much as you can while you share their moments.

How many ways are there to replicate a specific wave pattern, Or interaction of vibrations in an experience or feeling? Its nice to know that once the moment is gone that you can still feel that same way again, with different objects in different positions but still creating that same piece.


And what makes up a single memory? Where does it start and where does it end? Can we only see the patterns if we look for them in those clips of the past or do we need what came before and after as well?

Oh my. Waves and Wind and Sound and Movement.

…Hot and cold, back and forth, start and finish. If and then. Passing through or stopping at… or moving with.

….or passing around?


Maybe a complete memory is a loop back to equilibrium. Or at least the cancellation of the excess energy and extreme sloth mode which is indifference. The crest and trough of a single wave. And which came first? What pushed you out of equilibrium, and how did you counter act it? Can balance ever be maintained for more than an instant?


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