[109] ~*Sat – 11/04/17*~

[11:33 pm]

I was too tired to write last night so I kinda have a lot to say and don’t know where to start. I guess I should start with yesterday and make my way into today.

Really I should start back on Thu night since it’s when my phone screen’s decided to act up. I was very upset about it and knew I would have a hard time sleeping. I waited for hub to get home before even trying to sleep cause of course, I had to talk about what was going on with my phone and how I feel silly for being so anxious about it. Blah! By the time I was done talking with hub it was close to 1:30 am so I knew I didn’t have that much time to sleep since I had to be up by 7:30 as I had an early client. That said, I didn’t feel like reading at that point and didn’t take a sleeping pill cause I didn’t have enough time left for it. I decided to try and watch a show on my tablet. I could feel myself sorta fall asleep but I kept watching the show up to like maybe seven mins when my tablet decided to just stop the show, I really hate when that happens, sucky tablet. This time it didn’t really bother me more than that cause I just turned around and tried to sleep. My night was horrible, I didn’t sleep at all. I’m surprised I didn’t make a hole in the mattress cause all I did was turn around all night. It wasn’t even because of my phone, I wasn’t thinking about it at all. I’m not sure what I was dreaming when I did fall asleep a bit but it was all about my brother and his ashes and it was just terrible. 

My day was a long ass one as I had to start earlier and I didn’t know what was going on. I got my first client and second one, which I had to go to the office to tell them what was going on cause my screen wouldn’t work. When I was done with my second one I went to see this place which repairs phone to have my phone repaired but I couldn’t leave it right then cause the office was gonna call me so I needed it. When I had time I went to my friend’s place to use her computer to search which place I should go and call places for prices and finally decided to go back where I had first went and have my phone repaired there. It was going to cost me $120 for a new screen and a new tempered glass which wasn’t too too bad. A few hours later when I had the chance I went back to get my phone but of course, the screen wasn’t the problem. They changed the screen and it was still doing the same thing. The tech had told me that 9 out of 10 it was the screen but I always end up being the 1. That said, I needed to get a new phone which made me anxious cause I have no clue what’s out there. I went for my last client but when I got there his mom came out to tell me he wasn’t coming out as he wasn’t behaving so she had punished him. That worked for me, gave me time to go see for a new phone. I went to this one place and talked like an hour with this guy that used to work with me at the store which was trying to get me the best deal possible but for that he wanted me to change provider. The anxiety went up! I need a new phone and now you want me to change provider, that’s too much for me.  I couldn’t make a decision right then and there so I told him I’d think about it and would go back. The thing was, he couldn’t give me a new phone and let me keep my current plan with the provider I am with. I refused to pay more for a plan so that’s why he wanted me to change so I’d be able to pay the same amount I’m paying now. So when I was done there I decided to go straight up to my provider to see what they could do about my plan. I told the guy that I needed a new phone and I didn’t want my plan to change cause I didn’t want to pay more and if it was the case I was changing provider so of course he told me he could work around it. So then I had the choice between four phones. Gaw! I wasn’t gonna pick a phone then and there, I was gonna come back home and do some research on it but I needed a phone and the wait was gonna drive me nuts. I finally made the decision on one cause it was free but still costed me $130 in the end with the case, the glass, the memory card and sim card. Of course I had to get a new sim card as mine wasn’t the right size and this one phone only had 16gb on it and mine had 32gb so I bought an external card. All of this stuff I could of went somewhere else to get it cheaper but me being me, I wanted all of it done right now so I just bought all from the provider.

Got a new phone, get home to play with it and try to set up some stuff to come and find out there’s no app drawer on it. WHAT?! I look online to figure out how to get it which tells me I need to do an update so I look into my phone and can’t find that update but see there’s another one so decided to do that one and then BAM.. I get a text from the provider telling me I had just used 50% of my data cause I only have 100mb so I’m like “fuck” and go turn off the data but by the time I do that I get another text saying I used up 90% of it. OMG! So then I was super pissed. Why the hell would you have the phone with the data on and the WiFi turned off when you sell it. Of course I didn’t think of turning the data off cause it’s always off on my phone. So I blocked it to make sure I don’t go over cause I’m at 98 of the 100. Grr! I went back today to bitch about it but was told to call the customer service which I did and was told I could pay $5 for the month to get an extra 300. WHAT?! I wanted them to credit what I had cause this is ridiculous, he obviously saw that it wasn’t my fault cause the guy on the phone told me “I see you don’t normally use your data and it was all used up yesterday and I see on your account that you just bought a new phone yesterday.” mhm.. but yea this is the best he could do. I’m not impress! On top of that, there’s dust under my tempered glass and they won’t do anything to fix it and it’s driving me super crazy. I checked online to see if I could do something about it so I will try to get rid of it just not now cause I’m too pissed off and if ever it doesn’t turn out alright I will just hit the wall. Nothing ever works out for me.

So that was pretty much my day of yesterday. As for today, I went out with my first client and then I went out to this Xmas thing with a friend. I thought it was going to be a real Xmas thing with a bunch of Xmas decorations and ornaments and such but it was just a regular expo which even to me was a bit disappointing. I did spend $50 there. They had these cool cube thing for kids and I bought one for each of my nieces. I hope they will like it cause if not hub wants it back to play with it himself. Haha!

After that I went out to the movies with my second client and we saw Thor: Ragnarok which was awesome. I was very tired thought so I kept trying not to fall asleep which I might of at some point, I’m not sure. But the movie was great, I really enjoyed  it. Hub is currently there watching it with a friend.

When I was on my way back from work I had a moment. I cried while driving from 6:40 to 6:46 as it’s been a week today that my brother passed and he passed at 6:46. I can’t believe it’s already been a week. I also think it’s so hard because of the decision we made. I know it was the best we could ever make for him but still, in the back of my head I was like “He could of still been alive today if only we hadn’t made the decision.” It’s hard!

I tried to get caught up on shows but seemed I couldn’t get to it. I sat at the PC and played on my farming game real quick and then was listening to music and then talking to my friend on the phone for like an hours so I didn’t do much. I did do the dishes and also talked to mom. We’re changing the time tonight so I was hoping to get an extra hour sleep but I think I will just end up wasting it watching a show, reading or playing my game as it’s almost midnight and I haven’t done much. There’s just too much happening all at once all the time. I still need to set up my new phone and try to get the info of the old one but I don’t have the time for that. I pretty much only downloaded my farming game and didn’t do much more than that on the phone.

Anyways, I think I wrote enough for tonight and hub should be getting home soon and will prob want to talk about the movie as we both saw the same one today. Can’t wait to see what he thought of it.




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