Family Saturday 🐠

Life has been so hectic recently: over October we had 3 weddings, an engagement party, and several other parties and birthday things. I feel spread so thin, and so today we decided to have a nice family day, the 3 of us😊 mya has been getting up at 6am since the clocks changed last weekend…so was an early start. But the weather was beautiful (cold though) and we had a voucher for the aquarium so we decided to go to St. Andrews. The aquarium was good, mya enjoyed it especially seeing the seals, penguins and they had meerkats . Then we went to a pizza place for lunch, and afterwards I got 2 mini cannolis from this new Italian deli… oh my goodness they were divine!!!! So gorgeous.. I got the chocolate hazelnut filling.., mouth watering thinking about it! Husband got ice cream , mya got one too and decided she didn’t like the flavour 😳but we all had a nice time! 

  Played some play doh at home, and I finished my book I was reading ‘the chisellers ‘ such a fantastic read I was in tears at the end, it’s a quick read too not even 200 pages . Check it out if you have a chance! 

 Even though I haven’t been writing much, I really enjoy reading all my faves entries and try to comment as much as I can 😊wishing you all a lovely weekend 

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  1. Aww sounds like a lovely treat for a winter’s summer’s day and a perfect way to rejuvenate after so many celebrations .. I’ve not heard of the cannolis but have tried a few things brought in by my Italian colleagues, all of which have been yummy .. I hope you are enjoying an equally beautiful Sunday with your loved ones 🙂

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