I’m back to writing… again :)

After months and months (or maybe a year) of planning, here I am again. Starting my online journal. I hope I would be able to keep up as I’m planning to put into writing my thoughts, rants, experiences, memories and everything that’s happening to me everyday. I’ve been looking for an online journal or diary that would not feel like a blog or something. I used to have  a blog when I was still single. But because I am too busy doing some other stuff and job of course, I was not able to maintain it. Well, now, I guess I have plenty of time and I have to make time for it if I really want this to be on a daily basis. Like a recorder of my life or something.

Will keep posting as soon as creative juices come in. Random thoughts, experiences and tips as a mother and as a wife. Ciao for now! 🙂

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