Issue # 5 – Full Moon and Hobby for week decided

I like full moon specially in partially clouded sky but often times it made me feel lonely and sad or you can say it made my mood serious which is more or less sad, haha.

its been two weeks I’m going to bed very late doing nothing but listening to music and doing walk in open sky for about 15 min around 1 am and then kept music playing and went to bed waiting for sleep to come.
These days I’m happy externally and sad Internally, did it makes sense? let me explain during office hours I’m being more expressive and open then before but along I’m more sad and very quite, I guess Its because of her. Her last day was on Tuesday. Once my friend told me you will be normal with in one week once she will be gone forever, at that time after doing reflection I said you’re right. but today I saw her in dream and all day (most of the time) time spend with her flashing in my mind because I was listening to classical music. whenever skype message notification came, my heart said it might be her message 🙂 because I used to talk to her on skype in spite to sitting next to her.
This week I have started drinking too much tea n coffee and I’m wasting too much time on Instagram and playing clash royale game.

Now I’m going to reclaim myself going to delete my Instagram app, not account. going to replace coffee n tea with green tea. Play 20 min Quality game with focus. Listen to Music during tea break or resting after office for 1 hour max. my friend was right I will be normal within week once she is gone, if and only if, I want to or behave normally. so cut down songs dose and you will be fine and dandy:). Live the present moment be present (which is, take life day by day, yeah it is also told by my friend to me)

I need to create a habit to get things done at work and in general and pick new tasks.

my company have policy if you have more than one late in week then your Saturday is on as a plenty, all you have to do is came to office between 2-6 pm. my name was in this Saturday list, now its a streak of 3, I have to work on it on serious notes.
Today I went to office at 3 pm and left from office around 9pm. I was searching free coursed on Udmey and I have found so many good courses and enrolled them.

My this week Hobby Is Learn PHP CodeIgniter and make a website in it (i’m learning it on Udmey on new year I bought that course on discount, now Its time to finish this course before new year :)) 

Here is the rule, I’m not allowed to waste time on anything else. I will hold myself accountable if I behave careless. 

Lesson Learnt
> Never ever do anything to please others, life is too short don’t waste it on doing thing which please others and wins you vote of others because you please them. Rather be your true self and do things rationally. 


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