List of things that I want as of today until my final breath.

  1. Meet and get married to the love of my life who is good looking, humble, confident, faithful, compatible, intelligent, someone I can respect, is a gentleman, able to guide and take care of me for the rest of my life. 
  2. Have a home of our own.
  3. Have a few cute kids and a pet cat.  
  4. Establish a career that I am proud of and be able to contribute to the community. 
  5. Good health and look good. 
  6. Growing wealth. 
  7. Travel to different places and be happy with my loved ones. 
  8. Live a meaningful life. 
  9. Leave this world in a good manner. 
  10. Leave a legacy, an unforgettable memory carved in the hearts of everyone I meet. 

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