Saturday November 4th

I have been working like a dog in my room at school this week. I got a lot of my posters up yesterday. I am going over there today to try to get a lot done. It is 5:42am and I’m up. I can’t sleep for so much on my mind- all I need to do at school. At least I have passed a couple of huge hurdles this week: I got my stuff from the movers, and Blake emailed me and said she had mailed my deposit check. Neither of those issues are closed, however, because the movers broke my bookcase, so I still have to deal with them to file a claim on that, and until I received and cash the check from Blake, I won’t consider that issue closed. Once I get my room set up and organized at school, I can focus on my lesson plans and managing my students behavior fully. I hope to have a handle on that before winter break. I am planning to starting school next semester to get my admin cert. I will have to have my job in check to be able to add that. My home is still a disaster, and I don’t even care. I don’t care what it looks like. No one sees it, anyway. I am paying this high dollar rent for Noah, and I don’t even see him unless I make him see me. He’s the reason I picked this place- to be close to him. 





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