[110] ~*Sun – 11/05/17*~

[9:56 pm]

I decided to be good last night. I was going to watch a show before bed but I decided to take advantage of the extra hour and sleep early. I went to bed and only read a little bit and took two pills to make sure I had a good sleep since I hadn’t slept the night before. I also decided to be nice and take the cats with me. I slept good until the last two hours where I started looking at the darn time. Bleh!

My day was alright but at like 4 pm it felt like it was 9 pm. It gets dark so darn early with the time change. I actually loved my day at work, I had good staff so it all went well. I wish I could have the same staff all the time, would make my life easier as it’s people I can trust to get their work done.

I think I’m starting to like my new phone. Over all, it’s pretty much the same as my last one beside a few different things. There’s some features on this one that I didn’t have on the other one that I really enjoy. The only big thing I don’t like about it right now is the fact that I have a few dust bubbles on the tempered glass and I really want to get rid of those. I will try to clean them and Tue when I have more time. At worse, I could always go buy a new glass. If ever I do end up needing a new one, I won’t be going to the provider, I’ll just go somewhere cheaper but I really hope I can clean it up and make it work. I deserve that much after all the trouble I went through. I’m also a bit sad, sorta, because me and hub don’t have the same phone at the moment. I’m just so damn weird. We always had the same phone beside the first one we had cause it was our parent that got them for us but after that, we always ended up having the same one so for some reason it’s a bit sad cause after all these years, we don’t have the same phone. I know it’s silly but yea, I will get over it.

Anyways, I think it’s time for a nice warm bath.




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