Awkwardness and Frustration Passed:

17th October I started my new job feeling like a proper ‘newbie’ and then awkwardness strikes. A guy, an inpatient with a familiar face, reality hit when I found out his name. He was brother to a girl I had been close friends with some time back; we were like sisters and worked together before we fell out and I hadn’t seen her since .. ‘shit’, I informed my line manager as he came knocking on the office door asking ‘do you know my sister’? .. my manager was like ‘shit’ his sister is a regular visitor, she whipped me up my own risk assessment before going off to have a professionals meeting with the guy just in time as the sister did arrive .. AWKWARD as I walked past the guy and his sister, muttered an extremely awkward ‘Hi’ but didn’t wait for a reply.

A new day and time to get over the awkward feelings the guy came up and shook my hand and said ‘awkwardness over, I hope there are no hard feelings and everything will be alright’. I reassured him ‘no worries, everything was fine’. Now he goes to visit her as she lives a short walk away which is the best solution all round. 

I am learning fast and enjoying the work .. apart from the sleep-ins which translate to late shift, sleep-in followed by another 9 hour shift I’ve discovered I am finding it difficult to sleep and in reality means I am on site for 25 hours with 2 hours sleep.

On the end of my last sleep-in I arrived home with a headache to find the council who had been treating the main cold water tanks which serve the whole block had made a boo boo and sprung a leak to the point where my neighbour informed me she walked in on a downpour and fell on the stairs .. by the time I got there they had fixed the problem but not before some of this water had leaked through the ceiling and into my front room .. this is the third time this has happened I complained to an unsympathetic council guy on the end of the phone who seemed more concerned that it was 5 pm on a Friday therefore he could be no help at all .. I slammed the phone down wanting to scream with the energy of entering a boxing ring.

Coincidentally G had been texting me, I texted him back ‘I want to scream and punch someone’ .. He phoned me telling me to calm down but he did at least listen with his sympathetic no bullshit approach and at some point during our conversation I simmered down with work and the council being pushed further back as arrangements were made to meet up one day the following week.

Now just to get through the next two days and then I’m on annual leave

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