Family Help…..

So I’m going to co-sign on the house for my Nephew’s new rental. They need to have that as they won’t qualify on their own. And that’s fine for the most part. It’s been just a lot of money outlaid at this point and I can’t put it back as fast as it’s going out. I think my Sister is going to help also, as it’s going to cost a lot up front cost. How much is left up to conversation. She’s Retiring at the end of the school yr. and I worry that any money she puts up that is not refundable is just money that she won’t have later if she were to need money. So anyway, I’ll just do what ever I need to. I’m not sure what to say. I’m stressed as I don’t know what it looks like for me. I want to be done working as it’s just become so stressful for me. I don’t look to see what it will bring me monthly as I don’t look as I know that i have at least 2 yrs. left for sure. But if I look, which I can and play with to see options, I’m scared and don’t want to see I would have to work longer. There is always the Ins. problem and that would change things if Medicare were to change. Anyway, have to get ready for work. I like the computer however there is so much to learn and I don’t want to mess things up. And there is the pictures! There just out there at the moment and as soon as I can cleaner ones off my other computer I can put these others into the background of files. Have a nice day….Thanks

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