My first entry…

I have been feeling down due to a couple of things that have happened in my life lately.  Financial worries and work worries to name just a few.  I have a new manager who seems to be expecting rather a lot of me at the moment.  I am paid minimum wage and can only do soooo much with the time I am there.  I am fed up with people.  That is why my name is Animalsarebest.  Because they ARE!!!

Sometimes I dislike the public intensely.  No manners, no caring for others or having the ability to use common sense.  I am in a funk right now and need to focus on good things.

I am grateful for my home, my health and my little cat.  My flannel sheets and my duvet which keep me cozy at night.  I miss you sweetheart.  Your death was very fast, heart attack, and I think of you every day.  Sometimes I talk to you because I feel you would make me laugh and give me a hug when the world is cold.  

Bye for now…..  

One thought on “My first entry…”

  1. From my experience witch admittedly may be limited. Being in a low spot feeling pain and discomfort can be awful, however, you can use that pain and discomfort to your advantage. Some of the best success stories ever are people on the bottom near there breaking point. You can literally wake up one day and decide who you want to be. You can use all your emotions as a catalyst to become who you know you can be. So like our government would say never let a good tragedy go to waste.

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