Relaxing Sunday

3:20 PM at the Korean coffee shop in little Tokyo and writing journals for past couple days cause I have been lazy lately lol. Today, I got some sleep. Ended up waking up around 12 PM. Felt good but still feel like I need little more sleep lol. No plans for today. I can do whatever I want and be relaxed! Couple things came in my mind. Getting a new iPhone X and working on my side project. I decided to pass on iPhone but decided to work on my side project. Searching for the new coffee shop to try for about an hour while I was updating the OS on my iPhone 6 then ended up driving down to little Tokyo at the little Tokyo market plaza cause I wanted to eat Japanese food and there is a coffee shop in that plaza. Got here around 2 PM and had sushi for late lunch then came here to work on my thing. I’m almost done with writing journals but seems like only got 20 more mins for the free parking. Not sure if I how much I can get done in 20 mins. Probably not even a enough time to actually getting in to the zone to get focused lol. I know I want to get all the UI done but don’t think I can do that unless I some how end up getting into super focused mode. Got 20 mins left here and I think I will go check out the Row DTLA. That place just popped up in my head. I believe it’s close to here and it looked interesting when we where there on Tuesday night skate.

The weather looks nice as always and love the city feeling in downtown LA. Maybe I will walk around little here too. So thankful to be in the city has the best weather in the world!

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