My birthday weekend was awesome, I got to spend time with my parents in San Francisco and they gifted me a brand new SS Camaro, thanks mom/dad. It was a late graduation present / birthday present, I’m grateful. They’ve returned to Colorado , I miss them, I wish I’d get to spend more time with them. 

When I finally got home I was surprised to find Ayato’s parked outside my house. He surprised me with a huuuuge bouquet of red roses, a bottle of my favorite perfume, and a bottle of my favorite drinks –  because we’re alcoholics haa. I was very surprised because he had told me that he wouldn’t be able to sneak away from his basic bitch girlfriend that night. And yet he managed to come be with me, even gave me a birthday present and hours of the best sex I’ve ever had, but he did leave by 3AM. 

I know its wrong but I feel no guilt. And sex with him is incredible, he’s so passionate and intense and primal. I’ve never been with anyone like him. He’s pure testosterone, I don’t know how else to describe it. You wouldn’t think it at first glance since he’s pretty slender but he’s got some kind of hidden power. And just when he’s about to leave (or attempt to leave for the second time) we give each other the you wanna go again  look. I never knew I’d love to be manhandled and abused, but I love it when it makes a beast of himself.  


3 thoughts on “birthday.”

  1. girl, you’re fucking another woman’s man???? thats the lowest of the low.
    can’t you get your own man? are you that much of a shitty person that you need to take something that’s not yours?

  2. i just NEED to add a few extra things to my comment. no matter the circumstances, you are WRONG. you are a sad, sad, sad “woman” who can’t even get her own man. you must be a terrible person and thats probably why you can’t get a man. you sound like a sadistic person thats gets off on destroying other girls/women. you’re nothing more than a whore who seduces men away from their significant others. you do realize that he’s a cheating scum bag and he’s probably cheating on you with yet another girl. good luck with the STDs. also, how fucking disgusting, do you really think its okay to share the same penis? you might as well have sex with his girlfriend and cut the middle man out. you’re a redhead = 0 surprise. gingers are soul less AND sluts – you are the definition of a redhead bitch. i hope you realize that he will NEVER EVER love you, you are just a passing amusement, and if he’s as handsome as you say he is, then you’re probably just slut #4 and he rotates you around his girlfriend along with all the other sluts he’s fucking on the side. you make me sick. i await your response.

  3. I’m not a thief, I didn’t steal him, he came to me.
    You’re free to think whatever you want about me.

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