Toxicity elimination

The pain and anger ends now. We both deserve better. He disappeared today.  We both need someone that will love and support, not block and shut their phonea off. It’s over.

I’m better than this and refuse to become an angry bitter person, that’s not me.

I’m riping the band aid off now. Cold turkey. I’m taking my life back. No one knows what I need but me. I need me. He will see how serious I am. Hes said he couldnt stand to lose me although hes done everything to make me want to go away. I need someone to throw love in ny face, not broken promises and false hope. It’s done. This is promise I am keeping. For Happy me. For me. 


I’m not going to delete this journal, I’m merely choosing to never come back here. I have the strength to leave knowing it will be better then staying and living in he’ll. 

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