Leinenkugels pomegranate shandy, hits the spot, every damn time. 


Work has been occupying all of my time this weekend. I’m very thankful for the pick up in hours, it will help me save faster. I decided to save a little more before I move. The whole situation with my mother has made me decide to stay around for a little longer until I know she doesn’t end up in jail, or at least be here if she does. Either way, I have let up on the baby sitting. She knows what she is and isn’t suppose to do, if she so chooses to do it, she deserves the consequences. I can not be everyone’s beck and call when things go hay wire. My life deserves my attention as well. Finally I have realized this, I can not, and will not give in to what everyone asks of me, because I rather not deal with confrontation. It’s taking to much out of me, and it’s causing me to neglect my needs, wants, and happiness. 

        I will not sacrifice my self any longer. 



I haven’t seen “her” since the night she reasonless decided to drive up, our jobs really inter fear with having time to spend. Completely opposite schedules. She’s very understanding, and we talk just about all day. About…. really nothing. She also is very understand, I’m not yet ready to be in a relationship. I’m building my self, loving my self, and growing. She knows I’m not completely over my ex, and it’s a soft spot for me. Not that we talk about it, I’m just trying to be as honest as possible. I can’t allow the vicious cycle I usually have with relationships, continue any longer. 



Well, off to work. 




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