[111] ~*Mon – 11/06/17*~

[10:56 am]

Blah! My day’s gonna be a long one and I’m already tired with a headache. I don’t even have an hour before my next client so I can’t nap and of course I’m working at the store tonight. I also need to stop by the garage to drop off my set of keys so they can do my oil change and tires tomorrow. I’m already not looking forward putting those darn tires in the car. I’m only done work at almost 10 tonight and hub is only done at midnight so we’ll have to do that in the dark and I’m not even sure which ones are my tires in the baby barn. Bleh! I could always do it in the morning but I want to sleep so I always go bring the car at night so they have it there in the morning and can work on it when ever they have time during the day.

The rash or what ever I have on my hand had been better after using the cream the doc had given me but this morning it started itching again. I put some cream on as I knew I was going to scratch it all day. I just rubbed this morning and it’s already red.

I’m supposed to be cleaning the suggies cage tomorrow but I don’t think I’ll be doing it as I want to go meet mom so I can go watch a movie with her. I was debating on not going cause we need to save money and I know by going over there we’ll be spending at the restaurant and at the movie and on gas. I just really want to go watch this one movie with mom. My friend wasn’t going to be home, she was supposed to go away for a few days but she decided not to go so she’ll be able to come with us but then again, that’s more money coming out of my pockets. Bleh! I think Sat is also a Holiday that I can’t work so that means I will be losing another nine hours. This is crazy! It is such not a good ending to this year.

I’m also not really satisfied with my phone and trying to just deal with it but I keep finding reasons not to like it. Last night I was looking at it and realized that the tempered glass doesn’t even go all the way to the end of the screen so dust keeps getting stuck between the glass and the case. I looked at my old phone and of course the glass on that one was the full length of the phone. Blah! I wonder if it’s only the glass I bought or if they all come that way. I still HATE those dust bubbles and can’t wait to try to fix them but I just realized that I am going away tomorrow so I won’t really have time to just sit there and try to clean it. I know it shouldn’t take that long to do but I need to be relax and all or else, hell will get loose as I’m already pissed with the phone. I’ve also been looking at settings on the phone once in a while when I have time to play with it and I keep being disappointed cause it seems that a lot of options I had on my other phone, I don’t have on this one. I mean it’s thing I can prob do without but it’s still bugging the hell out of me. Why am I this way?! Why do I always have to find new things to not be happy about?! I just don’t understand myself. I should be happy that I do have a working phone and that I can still text and play my game, those two things alone should make me happy cause it’s pretty much what the phone is used for but no, I need to keep digging and coming up with new reasons to be pissed off. I just want my old phone back. Hub had said that if I really didn’t like the new phone he would give me his (same as my old one) and take mine. But of course my new phone takes a new sim card so that wouldn’t work, we can’t just switch phones like that. The world really hates me.

To be annoyed and anxious about silly little thing is not a fun thing to live with. I’m trying my best to try and let go of stuff cause I know I’m being stupid but seems that I can’t.

Anyways, I really don’t have enough time in a day and it’s even worse now that it’s dark so damn early. I guess I really won’t be mowing the lawn one last time before winter cause it’s dark too early, doesn’t give me the chance to do it and it’s been raining a lot. I should try to pick up some leaves thought and I still need to put that hose away. I feel like I’ve really neglected the outside of the house this year. There’s also a few bags full of bottles that we were supposed to get to clean this year but of course we haven’t. It was prob around this time last year that me and hub were sitting in the middle of the baby barn cleaning our hundreds of bottles. We did pretty good but there was still a few left and I wanted to give the baby barn a good clean as the floor is a mess (full of seeds) but again, didn’t get to it and winter is almost here. We also need to give the gutters a clean before winter.

We should also look into having a new deck build next year as it’s pretty bad. I know we never use it but still. It’s just another chunk of money that I don’t really want to spend as we still need to change the other half of the windows. I don’t really want to wait too long in between changing them cause I want them to match. I kind of want to do them next year to have it all done but I’m scared because of the paint at the bottom. I still haven’t fix the ones that we had changed but they are in bedrooms so people don’t really see it. Once it’s in the living room and kitchen and all that, I will need to do something about it and I’m not ready to think about it. Again, I hate how I am. I wish I could be chill and not care about a thing like hub. We’re totally opposite on this.

So yea, I’m thinking about the cage that I won’t be able to do tomorrow cause I want to go meet mom so I don’t know when I’ll have time to do it. I think Sat is a Holiday which I can’t work but I’m not totally sure. That said, I could do it on Sat if I can’t work but then again, I want to work cause I need the money. Last time we had a Holiday that I couldn’t work that ended up on a Sat, I still went out with a client but pretended I had went out with him on the Sun so then I would still be paid. This time I can’t work it out cause I have too many hours the following week so I can’t pretend I went out on the Sun, it would need to be on the Fri and if I do that I need to put that I went out with him from seven to midnight and I’m not too sure if I can go out with a client that late. Maybe I should ask the office. Or maybe I should just take the day off. I don’t know.. There is just too much going on this month and no wonder I always have a headache. Wed I’m going for laser, next Mon for my hair, the Wed I need to be in Court, end of the month is my bro’s funeral and hub’s Bday. Hopefully the new year will be a better one. I still haven’t applied for that Parole Officer job and I think I won’t. I think the dream to work in correctional has died.

Gosh! I’m already so tired and I still have a bit more than 10 hours to go before my day is over. I really don’t like Mondays cause I get home so darn late. I’m glad I have the Tue off but it’s make it that I don’t really enjoy it cause I’m so tired and it’s so late that I don’t really have time to enjoy the Mon night and then Tue I’m so tired that I just sleep super late. I wonder what happened to me wanting to have Wed off?! Maybe I should try to work on that for the new year but then again, I’d be working later on some days that I kinda like finishing earlier, like Thu. It’s not that early as I’m done at six but it still gives me time to do the grocery and the laundry on that day. I guess if I do end up getting my Wed off, since I’d be having two days off I could use one of them to do my grocery and laundry.

Anyways, I didn’t plan on writing this much. I knew I felt like writing but a lot more than I thought came out. I have about 20 mins left before I need to leave so I should get myself something to eat but I really have no idea what I could eat.




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