[112] ~*Mon – 11/06/17*~

[11:56 pm]

I really don’t have much to say but I just wanted to write cause I thought it was cool. My last client ended up cancelling so I went to the Casino with my friend. I played my big $3 and made $25. Bouhaha! I played mom’s $25 and didn’t win anything. Blah! I worked at the store and it wasn’t too bad beside the fact that I was a bit lost and made the announcement that the store was closing an hour early. LOL! That said, the last hour was soooo long since I had in my mind that at eight it was nine. Pfft! I still survived so that’s good.

So yea, nothing much just that I made some money out of a poor lil $3 and I thought it was awesome. Hahaha! I wasn’t gonna go to the Casino this week, I wanted to wait next week but we’re going to meet mom tomorrow so since my client had cancelled I decided to go and play mom’s money in case I would of won but of course I didn’t. Oh well, I tried.

I should probably head to bed soonish since I need to get up for noon tomorrow as we decided to leave at 1 pm. Mom asked if my friend was coming and I told her no but she is coming. She sounded a bit disappointed so she’ll be happy to see her. I can’t wait to see A Bad Moms Christmas, it looks awesome plus I love Mila Kunis.

Well, hub should be getting home pretty soon so we’ll be able to put the tires in the car and bring it to the garage. I took a shower like an hour ago and that was a mistake. All I wanted to do afterward was to go lay down under the blankets and read but I had to wait cause we need to bring the car.




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