My life so far.

Hi. My name is Adrienne and I have resentally had the love for wrighting.  I may not be very good at it or know how to spell all the words right but I will try my best. I am in 8th grade and I am 13 years old and for any creepers out there I will never share my full name or where I live to anyone. So far 8th grade its going fine. I have had my fair share of friendly conflicts but then again who hasn’t. My year has been off to a rocky start. First right before school started I started my first period and trust me its not fun. Then I get into a huge fight with my friends. Right now I’m doing fine but still middle school is a scary place sometimes. Anyway lets get to know me a bit better. I love rocks and minerals and yes I know weird thing to like but I’m a weird person. I also love music. I am in band a choir. I play perccusion like drums, bells and stuff like that. I have a dog who’s name is Pooh and no I didn’t name him that. When I grow up I eather want to be a Geologest or a wrighter. It really depends. What inspired me to start wrighting was Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a young jewish girl who lived during the Holocost. Her wrighting in her diary inspired me to leave something behind for people to remember me by. Anyway thats all for now I have some chores I have to get done or else my dad will yell at me.

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