Anxiety Attack

I am getting anxious about coming off Lortab 10’s.  I’ve been on 3 per day for years.  I know that is a lot.  My doctor prescribed it to help fibromyalgia, but even more so to help smooth out my neurotransmitters.  I have been so balanced and stable for years now.  I also take Lorazepam for anxiety ( my primary diagnosis).  My anxiety is rooted in a disrupted, frightening childhood.  But I don’t think about that anymore. Life is so good for me now.  But will it be when she (doctor) takes me off Lortab (Norco).  But maybe this is what God wants me to do—get free of drugs.  I have only ever taken prescription drugs, as prescribed.  I know lots of people abuse them and I understand that the government is upset about the “Narcotic epidemic.”  So this may be a good thing.  I just wonder if I will survive it in one piece.  Thank you for words of comfort and encouragement already offered.  I want to hug everyone who commented.  It helps so much to know people care.  I will try to “cast all my cares on Him because He cares for me.”  Peter 5:7 I think that one is.  Could be wrong about where it is but the words are right.  “And we know all things work together for good to them that love God.” Romans 8:28.  I love Him and I am struggling to trust Him completely, but I am scared, too.  Just being honest.  Thanks for listening.  I love you each and every one.  I really do.  I pray for you all.  I care.

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  1. You know yourself best of all. If the struggle to stop the meds is too overwhelming physically and/or mentally – get the help you need. Don’t let anyone – especially healthcare professionals – brush you aside. You are your best healthcare advocate. Love and prayers for you.

  2. I just went through a similar experience It does suck at first but you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much freedom you will have once you break free from the meds.I asked God for the strength to stop taking oxycodone I had been taking pills every day for the past 5+ years not going longer than 4 to 8 hrs often times less. I didn’t believe I could ever live without them. I prayed and prayed every day and I literally woke up one day with no intention of quitting I hadn’t run out of pills yet. But God had other plans he said: “see how long you can go without a pill”. Before that day I hadn’t made it 10 min before my first pill in the morning. The first week and a half were tough buts its been just over 6 months and I fell so much better. You will feel so free.Just ask God for strength and he will give it to you stay strong and trust in the Lord.

  3. I was addicted to Lorazepam after being discharged from being sectioned in hospital and I unfortunately abused the hell out of them…I had to give them up when I fell pregnant and when I no longer took them…the anxiety has never come back!! It will be a good thing coming off medication…I was terrified too but once you’re accustomed to it you feel much much better! I would still be addicted if it wasn’t for falling pregnant. Been thinking of you lately and hoping you and your mum are ok at the moment and recovering.

  4. Rogue, I am always so glad to hear from you. Mom is doing GREAT! You can’t tell anything ever happened. Walking without a walker, etc. Praise God!!
    I am struggling a bit with my health. the comments in this entry have encouraged me a lot. Hearing from others in my situation. Please don’t forget me if I don’t write on here a often. A lot going on. Love to you!

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