I may seem strong, firm in spirit, distinct, bold but in reality I’m not.

I may seem in cheerful, happy and full of warmth but I’m not.

When my housemate did something like, not putting things away in the right place, using the bathroom with all the splash of water in floor, being not considerate in using the kitchen stuff.

And when I try to approach them I just can’t.

Something is keeping me for no reason at all. I don’t know…

I’m stressed.

We are all adults and I don’t know why they are not even being sensitive or observant on what’s going on around the house it’s just so exhausting.

Do they still even think?

when they broke something they don’t mind at all as if nothing happened. And when you ask them, they’re reaction is just the same as if they were surprised for what happened.

I just can’t confront or approach them.

I’m in that situation who’s afraid of the outcome once I confronted them.

I hate confrontation, I just keep it to myself. Maybe I’m afraid of what’s going to happen.

I know it’s best to tell them what’s going on or how I feel.

I’m hesitant.

I have to change this I have to be strong and stand out.

I wish I was that brave enough to face it, I know I should learn to I have to.



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