Friendship Time

I’ve had a weeks holiday from work courtesy of annual leave requested and carried over when I started and boy did I feel like I needed it .. I had been tired and emotional more so after finding out I have been rotated on to work over Christmas including a sleep-in on Christmas day .. my daughter will be able to enjoy the day with her boyfriend at his family’s home but I’ve yet to tell my son who is planning on coming for the day with girlfriend and mother in tow ..

Monday my first day off I had forgotten to turn off the alarm but managed to sleep right through it, I realised after being woken from a heavy sleep at 9 am by a simple little alert which notified me I had a text message .. feeling disorientated and groggy I read the text with blurry eyes from a friend I had planned to meet up with for some shopping in the capital; I was looking forward to a catch up and spending my £50 voucher treating myself to some clothing for the winter season so I forced myself out of bed, making coffee before replying, confirming a time for three hours from now .. three hours later I was running 15 minutes late but so was my friend making the arrival time perfect in a convenient department store beside Tottenham Court Road .. we browsed through the clothing and both treated ourselves to some new sets of PJ’s, mine mainly in consideration of the sleep-in and work appropriate before settling in comfy leather chairs in a coffee shop tucked away at the back on the second floor .. a coffee fix was much needed to take us up to Oxford Street .. the first shop we came to was Zara and omg I well overspent on my voucher but it was worth it with a new jacket, three tops and two bottoms I had managed to shop with success .. two shops, two hundred pounds and five hours later the sun was beginning to set and the cooler air could be felt as we passed and entered a little French restaurant for their budget three course menu deal which was heartwarming and tasty .. we chatted our way through a bottle of wine and the rush hour commute perfectly timed to hit the underground once the passenger jams had depleted somewhat .. reaching home, bags unpacked, another coffee, I sofa surfed in front of the evening TV with texts from G and arrangements confirmed for tomorrow.

Tuesday dawned, I woke feeling slightly more rested and after a lazy morning floated between the household chores and pamper time for me. I was filled with nervous excitement for seeing G again and the time was confirmed for eight pm. He phoned me while he was driving over and was still on the phone when he pulled up outside. I went out to meet him, he had smooth radio on in the background playing chilled out tunes and as he drove we chatted about the first time we had met all those years ago. He invited me back to his and asked if I minded meeting his dad, after all these years it was a request that didn’t seem out of place. His dad was out so we settled down with a drink and a horror movie in honour of Halloween and like a couple of naughty teenagers we tested the waters before I confirmed giggling just bend me over and take me, of course he was happy to comply. We settled back down just as his dad walked in some five minutes later, introductions made, coffee offered, G whispered ‘that was lucky’ and I couldn’t help but giggle ‘he had cum just in time’. More formal conversations followed, a walk out in the garden, attention for the animals before his dad annouced he was going to turn in and bid us good night. A short time later and by the touch of a hand G led the way to his bedroom and closed the door on a night time of snuggles and an awful lot more. We leisurely spent the morning with breakfast in bed, I stayed most of the day before we got in the car with smooth radio playing on in the background and we talked as he drove, about tattoos and cars, teeny bopper bands and artists of where are they now. We pulled up by mine, I thanked him for having me and he thanked me for coming, when will I see him again, well that’s to be arranged for another day.

The rest of the week has been dull in comparison. I paid some bills, did some chores and only went out for a grocery shop.

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